Kingcoal have been trading since the eighties and have outlets in both Dunleer and Edentubber. Kingcoal supply to both the retail and wholesale markets in Louth, Meath, Dublin and Northern Ireland.

Kingcoal’s main brand of coal is Black Emerald Coal which is sourced from Columbia. Columbian Coal is a high quality coal with a high calorific value and minimum ash content and we have found it to be by far the best and most consistent quality available.

The coal market has recently seen a significant shift in trend towards smokeless fuel, mainly due to the introduction of smokeless zones in Dundalk, Drogheda, Dublin and Newry. Kingcoal has introduced smokeless products such as Fireblend and Anthracite to meet this demand.

Kingcoal prides itself on its prompt delivery service and guarantees a next day delivery service to all its customers. We have a wide range of delivery sizes, from the minimum order of 5 bags right up to a articulated load of 18 pallets.

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